007) Week of 10/6/08: Waza

The end product of all of the hard work that we do is expressed in waza->technique.  Students know how much emphasis I place on gaining an awareness of everything that underlies a technique, that we only practice a couple of techniques in any one night.

This week is going to be different!  I am going to be exposing students to a myraid of techniques with little emphasis on anything other than just replicating the demonstrated techniques.  Students might wonder why I am embarking upon such a different approach.  I will simply say that my job as a teacher is to help enable the student to become his/her’s own best teacher.

I hope that students will emerge from being “buried” by such a wide variety of techniques and will begin to reflect upon all that I have emphasized to date.  In order to know how to help move one’s self forward in the development as a martial artist, one needs to sharpen the perceptions in an emerging world.  The growing awareness of how much further we have to go should keep up all humbled and dedicated to working harder.  I will say little during the classes and that pattern will start now!

Enjoy this weeks experience!

Marc Abrams Sensei

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