131: Changes at Aikido Arts of Shin-Budo Kai – July 2015

We have a new website for the New York dojo (aasbk.com still works) and that is NY.AASBK.COM.  The reason for this change is that Brad Gould has taken over the responsibilities of the daily operations of the New York Dojo.  Marc Abrams Sensei (me!) will continue to oversee the progress at this thriving dojo and will back to teach on a regular basis.  I am now living in Napa, California and will be opening a new dojo in this beautiful part of the country! I am now Bi….. Bi-Coastal that is!!!!

If you are interested in training in Shin-Budo Kai Aikido in Napa, California, please e-mail me at Sensei@aasbk.com for up-to-date information regarding the opening of a new facility.  Imaizumi Sensei is already slated to teach a seminar here during the first weekend in March of 2016!  Stay tuned for updates!!!!


Marc Abrams Sensei

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