104) Your Aikido Goals: May 2013

This month’s blog is intentionally short on words in order to allow the students to create their own narratives.  This blog is used as a supplemental training tool at Aikido Arts of Shin-Budo Kai, and is open for all to share in their own training.  Getting in touch with your own training is the process that I would like students to focus in on this month.

One of the most important goals for learning in any endeavor, is to become your own best teacher.  When you assume a deep and lasting responsibility for your own learning, you can go far in almost any endeavor.  The role of the Uke is an integral part of this process.  Regardless of your rank, you become responsible for teaching something to someone else.  When you can conceptualize a process in your own mind, and can provide valuable feedback to your partner, you are teaching yourself how to be your own best teacher.  You are learning how to create a constructive feedback loop, not only within yourself, but with your partners.  The sensitivity and connectivity that you apply to yourself and your partners, are important tools in becoming your own best teacher.

I want everyone to reflect deeply upon this process this month and provide me with an assessment of where you are and what your goals are for the rest of this year of training in 2013.  If spring time is a time of new growth, then let us use this season wisely in helping us to move forward with purpose and conviction.  Your feedback helps me to become a more in-tuned and responsive teacher.  Never forget that I am also a student and that I am learning to be my own best teacher by running this school!

Marc Abrams Sensei

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