064) Bar Room Waza: Week of December 13, 2009

Last week we explored “Active Listening” by working with more dynamic and realistic attacks.  Last week provided us with a good “reality check” as to where we are in our training.  This week will be my last post of 2009.  I would like us to explore another type of “reality check.”  We will explore the ability to execute techniques within very close quarters.  I have jokingly demonstrated the execution of techniques while you are holding a drink in your hand, talking to a friend.  You want to be able to execute a technique without spilling your drink or having to stop your conversation with your friend!

We practice our techniques with large “brush stroke” movements.  These movements are teaching us energy pathways that are contained within our techniques.  As we become more proficient in our training, our movements can begin to become “fine strokes.”  Suddenly, minimal movements create similar effects in the uke.  This week will be an exploration of our ability to extract the “essence” of a technique through minimal movements.

On another note, I would like to wish everyone a VERY, VERY happy and safe holiday season!  This has been a remarkable year of growth in our dojo and I am truly looking forward to 2010!

Marc Abrams Sensei

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