030) Kihon Waza- Part II: Week of March 22, 2009

Last week was a week in which we tried very hard to focus on the exactness of posture and movement in the execution of kihon waza.  All of the attacks were static.  Static attacks are not realistic, but are critical in helping us to develop a sense of connectedness, both within ourselves and with others that emerges when our posture movements are exact/clean.  This is not an all or none process, but a journey that shapes itself to the a razor’s edge only to then emerge to a place where “exactness” changes into a amorphous sense of fluidity.

This week will continue the focus of the exactness of Kihon Waza, but now from moving attacks.  These attacks will further push you to a place beyond where your Aikido currently resides.  The focus will still have to reside with the exactness of one’s posture and movements, but with the added “bonus” of doing so while having to move to blend with an attack.  I will add a further challenge of having people actually slow down their techniques, regardless of the speed of the attacks.  A technique should work, regardless of the the speed of the execution of the technique  as long as it is done “right”. Of course, there is no absolute right or wrong, but it either works or it does not work!

Marc Abrams Sensei

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