029) Kihon Waza: Week of March 15, 2009

I had no idea where the “Marc and Al Show” would take us last week.  We spent the week exploring some very advanced topics related to subtle, subconscious communication that we can control between us and the attacker.  These advanced topics have to start somewhere.  The beginning place is the beginning place – Kihon Waza.  THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS!  We need to begin our learning process by focusing in on the exactness  of posture and movements.  There are many variations of the myriad of techniques, but the common meeting place is in the posture and the basic nature of the movements.

Students are well aware of how much time and energy I place in teaching proper posture and in natural movements.  These fundamentals are placed together in a variety of combinations to create basic techniques- Kihon Waza.  By creating “clean” Kihon Waza, we are instructing our bodies in how to create energy patterns through movement so that as we advance, movements can be altered, minimized and even appear to disappear, while the energy patterns remain (hopefully with a greater degree of energy).  There are no substitutes for the “blood, sweat and tears” of the countless repetitions of a technique.  The more we do the techniques, the more we realize how much they are actually changing (although to the casual observer, they seem to appear look the same).

This week, I would like students to focus intensely on their posture and the nature of their movements throughout their executions of basic techniques.  What I hope to help students accomplish is that in order begin to “peel a layer of an onion” to discover greater depth, one must first become intimately acquainted with the basic form of the onion.

Marc Abrams Sensei

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