028) The Marc & Al Show: Week of March 8, 2009

Well folks, this week is going to be a fun, collaborative teaching show this week!  One of my Aikido friends is staying with me for the week.  Sensei Al Krever teaches Aikido in Arizona and is in the ASU organization.  Sensei Al is not only a intelligent, thoughtful Aikido teacher, but he has a GREAT sense of humor.

I can think of no better fun than to co-teach with him this week.  I cannot fathom where our teaching will start or end up, but I can guarantee that we will have a lot of fun!  I hope that all of you enjoy the synergy/insanity/dementia…… of two crazy Jewish Aikido instructors this week.  I would write more, but frankly I don’t know what is going to happen, besides a lot of good laughs and better learning.

Sensei Marc Abrams

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